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Disney to test Watch-n-chat online shows

Disney is testing a new watch-chat feature that will allow viewers to watch a show online and host an online chat room for up to nine of their friends. The show will feature DVR like controls for the host. No word yet if the chats will be moderated like on VMK.

If you want to find out you can try this new program this Monday on with the ABC Family show ‘Wildfire’. ‘Wildfire’ was chosen since it has a dedicated group of fans.

I hope this works out. I would totally be all over the option to watch like LOST with my friends who live cross town or across the country. Think of all the extra little easter eggs and secrets you’d discover. Then don’t forget live sports too. Wanna see that play again? Just rewind and then take a poll among your friends if the ref got the call right. (Read)