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P3: At World’s End Trailer, Ratatouille Trailer Countdown

Making up for all the sporting events that start at 9PM EST, we do get to see some stuff three hours ahead of the west coast. The Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End trailer was one of those. You west coasters have to wait until the 1 hour and 18 minute mark of Dancing With The Stars. Then it will be available on the Pirates official website too. Note the nifty countdown (moved below the cut).

Some one in Disney marketing has a thing for Countdown counters. Ratatouille has one too (also below the cut). Of course, it’s a few more days before we get to see this puppy.

Meet the Robinsons will enter the theaters on March 30th. POTC: At World’s End hits May 25th (can’t wait to see more after the trailer tonight). Ratatouille will be served on June 29th. Did I mention it’s going to be a busy spring/early summer for Disney film fans.

and Ratatouille