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Shareholder Meeting

I was at work today and unable to listen in on the Shareholder meeting in New Orleans. While I’m sure it was a boost for the New Orleans economy, it sounds like they had less than 500 shareholders show up. When it was held in Anaheim it used to attract many thousands. I hope they will move it back to the east or west coast theme parks going forward.

If you missed the shareholder meeting like me, you can still catch it on the corporate website through all of March 21st. If you want an excellent summary, then follow along with’s live-blog of the event on their ‘The Latest‘ site. Start here and work your way forward in time. I’m not going to say any more because I can’t beat what they’ve done.

I wish Disney would podcast these events. I’d like to timeshift and listen to these events away from my computer. Podcasts are perfect for that.