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Great Video iPod case for FREE

I rarely go this off-topic for The Disney Blog, but I hope you’ll oblige me as it is a great deal. If you own a video iPod for watching some of the great Disney video podcasts or listening to any number of LOST podcasts, Disney podcasts, etc… then you need to have this protective case the ToughSkin with Belt Clip from SPECK. Best of all, right now it’s available for free (after a rebate you fill out online) on

I’ve use the ToughSkin nearly every day I’ve owned my 60GB Video iPod. The video screen cover protects the sensitive iPod screen wonderfully, the only scratches I’ve had are when I used the iPod without the ToughSkin. The rubber cover has protected my iPod from low drops numerous times with no damage at all. It works with both models of video iPod, via a spacer that fits in the back if you have the thinner model.

I just ordered a second Toughskin for myself in case the one I have ever gives out. Although there is no sign of that right now. But I couldn’t pass up a price this good – Free.