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No Anniversary Celebration for Epcot, but look who gets one…

Epcot Central posts some depressing news. As far as we know, Epcot is still scheduled to be frozen out of the celebration it deserves for it’s 25th anniversary. But another of Walt Disney World Resorts attractions will be getting a 10th Anniversary Celebration. Yep, Disney’s Wide World of Sports, that bastion of guest activity, will be celebrating it’s 10th birthday this year.

Well, at least there was a press release. No word on if there will be a parade and dancing performers. Probably not. But still it’s particularly irksome to have the VP of Epcot imply that the it will only be the WDW resort as a whole celebrating anniversaries from now on and then having this press release hit the newswire the next month.

Epcot25smallI still don’t think it’s too late for Disney to pull something together for Epcot. Throw up a couple banners, sell some t-shirts, hats, and pins, then hold an international themed character driven birthday party a couple times a day. Show how the old park can stil
l bring diverse cultures together in peace and harmony.  We’re not asking for much, just some observation of the history involved in the 25th anniversary and a celebration of the original goals of EPCOT center.   

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