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Harrison Ford getting in shape for Indiana Jones IV

Starpulse reports that 64-year old star Harrison Ford is engaged in a work out regime with the goal of getting back into peak physical shape for the filming of the fourth episode of the Indiana Jones movie series.

His girlfriend, actress Calista Flockhart, says, "He’s on a strict high-protein diet. He’s eating lots of fish and vegetables. It’s hard but he’s already looking great for it. He wants to make sure Indy is as tough as he always was."

The third film, The Last Crusade, was released 18 years ago in 1989 and Sean Connery, who played Indiana Jones father in that film, was only 59 at the time. So Ford will be 6 or more years older than Connery was when this fourth film is released. No word yet if Connery will come out of retirement to reprise his role. I’m sure he doesn’t want The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to be remembered as his last film.

It’s times like this when I really miss River Phoenix.