Disney Wedding Gowns to be huge hit

Update: new photos of Disney Princess Bridal Gowns have been released (4/15/07)

Beth at the Orlando Sentinel has Disney Resorts and Parks Chairman Jay Rasulo on why he expects the new Disney Princess Wedding Gown collection to be a big hit.

"If you do 2,000 weddings a year, think of all the people who say, ‘I
can’t, I have to get married in my hometown, my own church,’ but they
certainly may still have that princess dream as part of it," Rasulo

I’m sure he’ll get a huge portion of those 2,000 wanting their princess dress too.

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2 thoughts on “Disney Wedding Gowns to be huge hit”

  1. That happened to us. We were all set to do a WDW wedding and my family acted like we were going to the moon. That was 6 years ago and we’re still regreting the fact that we caved.

    We did make the most of our Tucson wedding, and my wife wound up with a dress fit for a princess, along with glass slippers (high heels are slippers?).

    We would have bought the Disney line in a heartbeat.

  2. when and where can i see pictures? Even if my whole wedding (which is like forever away cuz I’m not even dating anyone right now…) may not be Disney but hell yea I want to wear a princess gown…

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