Not The Happiest Place On Earth?

American Public Radio’s Marketplace takes at gander at the story of Disneyland vs. the City of Anaheim concerning housing development in the resort district. Included with the story are two photos of Harbor blvd adjoining Disneyland. One from the 1992 and one taken recently. The transformation of the Anaheim Resort District from tacky signs to tree lined blvd is obvious. I’m not sure what this has to do with adding housing in the area.

Part of me things this whole concept is crazy. If Anaheim wants to add low income housing near Disneyland there are plenty of commercial tracks over on Euclid that are ripe for redevelopment. Add a little streetcar action between Euclid and Disneyland and who knows you might even get a little economic development. If anything Anaheim should be lighting a fire under Disney to get that third gate built. More hotel rooms mean more tax dollars for the resort dependent town.

3 thoughts on “Not The Happiest Place On Earth?”

  1. Anaheim is a city of people who live and work there first. It is the site of an overblown funhouse called Disneyland as a side venture. Perhaps the city of Burbank was wise to refuse to allow Disneyland to be built there. Anaheim was alive and well long before Disneyland was a twinkle in Uncle Walt’s eye. It would probably survive quite well should Disney Corp. keel over and die.

    To be sure, there would be some hard times for a period, but without the cooperation of the Anaheim residents, Disneyland would not exist.

    If you think Disney is so great, try working there for a while. The glow wears off fast.

  2. Sorry you’re so bitter about it, Kathryn, but if you’re Disneyland, I don’t think it’s outrageous to want to keep tourists from having to drive through a low-income housing project to get to your gates.

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