What are the chances for Pirates 4? Pretty Good Says Screenwriter

Moviehole has a fun interview with movie scribe Terry Rossio, one half of the writing duo that has put Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise on the path to history. One of the challenges Rossio faced was writing and shooting two scripts at once:

The original idea was to save money and time, and it didn’t work.
Problem was, we got real ambitious, and ended up making two epic films
that upon first cut were three hours each. That’s like making four
movies at once. Throw in a couple of hurricanes and the usual issues of
shooting on location on the water and oh, boy. It’s a miracle we’re
making our release dates.

That also might explain the awkward feel of the middle movie. There are also plans to write a screenplay for a fourth Pirates movie. If it’s good enough it might just get made. That’s pressure.