Does Disney World Welcome The Locals?

Yesterday the Orlando Sentinel published a review of Citricos, a restaurant located in Walt Disney World at the Grand Floridian. Some comments by the reviewer Scott Joseph hit home with at least one local who blogged their dissatisfaction with Disney World’s attitude to its local customers. If you’re a local visitor to Disney World how do you feel about Disney’s attitude toward you?

1 thought on “Does Disney World Welcome The Locals?”

  1. DOES WDW welcoem the locals? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

    To further explain, some Cast Members welcome locals, as well as out-of-towners with open arms, others aren’t so respectful of locals.

    Some CMs are bad, but most of them are good.

    So, overall, I think WDW DOES welcome both locals and out-of-towners with open arms.

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