Year of a Million Dreams drums on…

Orlando Sentinel Columnist Liz Langley has an interesting take on Disney’s Year of A Million Dreams contest… it’s a metaphor for love.

In one
stroke, it strips the Cinderella story of all romantic mythology and
embodies — as the actual story does — what real love is like. You
don’t choose it; it chooses you. It’s incredibly alluring but is immune
to reason and demands (it was not the rich stepsisters who won in the
story) and the odds of finding it are long and random (why Cinders and
not all the other poor servants in the kingdom?). Even if love comes to
you, if you’re not ready; if you’re not available; if your coach
becomes a pumpkin; if the stars don’t align, you’re helpless as it
vanishes from your hands. You can get something of comparable value
(i.e. date the best friend). And ultimately, you don’t decide when
checkout time is.

I was following until she got to the comparable value… there’s no comparable value to spending a fairy tale night in Cinderella Castle Royal Suite.