Disney releases pricing, other details, for Pirates MMORG

Disney Online has released the pricing structure and other details for Pirates Of The Caribbean Online, a new massive multi-player online role playing game (MMORG). There will be an ad supported free level and a $9.95/mth Unlimited Access level. The game is scheduled to go live this spring.

For the backstory of the game read this Developer Diary.

The Caribbean has become the last bastion in the struggle between the
"old ways" – the supernatural – and the European order of the New
World. Exploration and expansion into the territory has brought
regimented and authoritative rule. The great pirates of the Caribbean
must battle for their freedom while caught between this encroaching
civilization and the mystical power of the Seven Seas.

Sorry Mac fans. Looks like it’s PC only for right now. Visit the game’s website www.piratesonline.com for more game details.