Wall-E Plot Rumors

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Don’t read this post if you want to see Pixar’s WALL-E spoiler free.


As we all know now, the above picture is from Pixar’s 2008 animated feature Wall-E. I know nothing of the film other than what the above picture reveals. When looking at
the background of the image, the Martian landscape is what immediately
springs to my mind. So it clicks with me that there are rumors that the story centers around a lost Mars Rover.

Don’t take my word for it. Judge for yourself. Here’s a NASA illustration of an actual Mars Rover on the planet’s surface. What do you think? Could be.

The Mars Rover ‘Opportunity’ just celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary of landing on the red planet. Pretty good for what was to be a three week project, don’t you think

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