Tough Pigs Muppet News is back!

Blogs are often abandoned or neglected. As a publisher the real world steps in and takes away your avenue of fun. That’s the nature of self publishing. Of course, the nature of blogs means that when you’re ready to return, it’s really easy. You just star posting again.

That’s pretty much what happened with Tough Pigs. It used to be one of my favorite Muppet News sites. (in fact, it was one of the only muppet news sites.) But now, after about a year off, Danny Horn is back and Tough Pigs is just as good as before. So yay!

During the off year Horn was working on building the Muppet Wiki. There are hundreds of pages full of wonderful tidbits and information about the fuzzy creatures of our childhoods and our children’s childhoods. Let’s hope this stays around for a long long time.