Disney Cruise West Coast Returns in 2008

The Disney Magic, one of the two popular cruise ships owned by the Walt Disney Company, will return to the west coast to offer seven-night Mexican Riviera cruises.

The ship will depart from the Port of Los Angeles beginning May 25, 2008 and is scheduled for 12 consecutive cruises.

In 2007 that’s the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and it’s too big a coincidence that Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End opens that weekend. I’m predicting now that Disney will announce the construction of a third Disney Cruise ship specially outfitted for West Coast climates (the hot in the Mexican Riviera and the cold of Alaska) at the Pirates III movie premiere.

I still think there is a very large chance that the premier will be held in Long Beach and not at the Disneyland park as it has for the past two films. There is no way Disneyland will want to shut down large swaths of the park for the movie premier during Memorial Day weekend. It should also be noted that Tom Sawyer Island will be under construction at that point getting its Pirates overlay installed.

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  1. Interesting…we just took our first Carib cruise and loved it. We booked for summer of 2008. Being in San Diego, we’re glad to hear it. Let me know when you hear more about a third ship…

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