National Geographic 1963 Disney article

I was a pretty lucky kid growing up. My father had amassed a huge collection of National Geographic magazines going back to the early 50s. I’d often spend  long hours learning about the people and areas of the world I would probably never visit. But there was one issue I always returned to. The August 1963 issue whose main story was "The Magic Worlds of Walt Disney."

The Modern Mechanix website has been kind enough to put some high quality scans of the article on line for everyone to enjoy. It’s a 50 page long article, but a wonderful glimpse at where Walt Disney was in 1963 and a little insight into his vision for the company.

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  1. Great post! Somewhere at my folk’s house is this exact issue – as my dad is a National Geographic fan (since he was a kid). Your post has motivated me to go over and find it! Thanks.

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