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I had a lot of good responses to my earlier question about what connected the pattern on the floor with the naming of Club 33 at Disneyland. On the first day the best answer I got was from KC who speculated that it was a representation of a Mason symbol since Walt Disney was a 33rd level Freemason. According to KC, the problem with that theory was that Walt was a DeMolay, not a Mason. This is the story I had heard too which is why I asked if anyone had more info.

Yesterday I got the answer I was looking for. Matt E. points out that the 33rd Degree Freemason is honorary one. So Walt could have been given the honorary award of a 33rd degree Freemason and never belonged to the Masons.

However, KC presents some evidence that puts doubt on the whole pattern on the floor thing. Apparently those sticks on the side should be touching the circle. So the pattern in Club 33 is close, but not a Mason symbol.

So, unless evidence is presented that proves Walt was given the honorary 33rd degree title, I’d have to say this puts the matter to rest. Walt was not a Mason and the pattern on the floor is just that a pattern, not a clue to the club’s name.

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  1. My understanding has always been that the 33 came from the logical address of the club. The stores and restaurants in New Orleans all have street addresses. The one preceding Club 33 is 31 and the one after it is 35, or something like that. I’m just throwing it out there.

  2. I actually have an idea about this, but mu notes are on another computer. The answer to “Club 33” does not rest with Walt, as some suspect, but with somone else in the Disney family, someone who had the means, knowledge, and desire to finish it, evern after Roy’s passing.

    Let me gather my notes, and I will send you what I think is the answer.

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