Are the Disney Treasures DVDs being shelved?

There’s a rumor going around that the Walt Disney Company has decided to put the excellent Walt Disney Treasures DVD series on long term hiatus. It’s not because they’re doing poorly; the sales numbers are pretty good. The assumed reason is that the company is worried they’re putting too many DVDs on the market at once and that the collectors of the treasures series may not be purchasing the newer DVD releases.

If true, this news sucks. The Treasures DVDs is the only way Disney has been releasing important historical material from the vault. Some of the stuff that came out recently (the Disneyland 10th anniversary show and "My Dad, Walt Disney" – interview with Walt’s daughter, Diane Disney Miller) has only been seen once or twice since its original airing. Film Ick and others are encouraging people to write into the studio in hopes of reversing this decision.

Dick Cook
Chairman, Walt Disney Studios
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Don’t forget to be nothing less than polite and utterly civil in any communication you send. This decision could be reversed if support is shown.

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  1. They should definitely continue. Perhaps the thing to do is to quit releasing them in waves of 4 or 5 titles at a time and instead release one every few months so more people can afford them.

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