Another Monster’s Inc: Laugh Floor Comedy Club Preview Report

Brokehoedown was lucky enough to catch a mid-December sneak preview of the next attraction due to open at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Her report reveals many of the same problems I saw with Monster’s Inc: Laugh Floor Comedy Club.

The attraction has a lot of potential, but also some serious flaws
which I believe Imagineering can address. In its current state, it
could be a big hit with the 7-10 year old crowd, but leave adults bored
and irritable. With some improvements, it could be even better for the
kids, and better tolerated by their parents.

Who knows what changes have been made since then? Perhaps they’re adding Sullivan and Boo to the show? But one thing is for sure, the open has been pushed back to sometime in the Spring. So at least we know they’re working on fixing it.