Red Hot Rockin’ Coasters

Disneyland Resort is going rock and roll. Until the end of April they will be replacing the soundtracks to Space Mountain (yes, the new re-furbished soundtrack) and California Screamin’ with a couple of songs from California’s own Red Hot Chili Peppers.

They have chosen a band, and two of their songs, that can only be aired on Radio Disney with some creative editing and perhaps a dozen more well-placed socks (I’m not providing a link here, but if you know the Chili Peppers you know what I’m talking about).

My first thought was that it was an odd choice, but after thinking it over I suppose these must be the reasons; a)the band has been around for 20 years and is still putting out hits, therefore giving it a wide fan base, b)they are from California, c)they do rock, or at least they used to. 

The image of the band just isn’t exactly kid-friendly, what with the drug-related death of one member, the nudity, the cursing, and I’m guessing more drugs, but Disney has been embracing this sort of star power lately (see Lohan, Murphy, etc), so apparently it is a non-issue.

That being the case, rock on Disneyland Resort. 

2 thoughts on “Red Hot Rockin’ Coasters”

  1. This from a company that until just a few years ago insisted that the belly button of any stage or parade performer never been seen. They either had to wear a flesh colored body sock or a high waistline on the pants. I’m not saying that mores don’t change and I’m all for keeping up with the times. But there is something to be said for chosing acts that could be good role models for America’s children. But hey, Aerosmith has been rockin’ for years in Orlando. So maybe the Chili Peppers isn’t that far of a stretch.

  2. When I see kids under the age of ten walking around MK with Green Day “American Idiot” t-shirts, I don’t think anyone is finding the Chili Peppers shocking. And all they’re capable of singing about anymore is California anyway. They’re like an Irish band singing about green hills.

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