Indiana Jones IIII – Filming set to begin

When Harrison Ford finishes filming the next Indiana Jones movie he will be 63, which makes him older than Sean Connery was at the time he played Jones’ father in the movies (it’s also rumored that Connery will come out of retirement to reprise his role). But the good news is that the green light has finally been given to producing a fourth film in the franchise by all parties involved. I wonder if they’ll try to set up a new franchise with the film, or just end the series with the send-off it deserves? (Read)

4 thoughts on “Indiana Jones IIII – Filming set to begin”

  1. Indiana Jones: Where are you?

    A new Indiana Jones movie is to begin filming this year for release next year. The only thing I have to say about that is GET ON WITH IT. Iย’m in. Been watching the first three off and on for a few months now. Never get tired of them. As far as Iย’m conc…

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