Disney to remake websites

The first big move of the new year for Disney will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 8th by Bob Iger. The New York times reveals the big change is a re-vamped website for the Disney Company. The current disney of Disney.com is a remnant of the old ‘Go.com’ days. The new site expected to be more inline with the current direction of the web (on demand video, audio, and news).

Revamping Disney.com has been a No. 1 priority for Mr. Iger, who has
sought to extend the Disney brand by embracing new digital media. But
behind the revamping, analysts and others say there is an equally
pressing issue facing Mr. Iger, one that many entertainment
conglomerates may face in the coming years: Who should be running the
companyโ€™s Internet properties?

The Disney Internet Group, or DIG, exerts a lot of control over how the company presents itself online. So it will be interesting to see if there is any shift if that power structure with this change.

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