Celebration moves one step closer to becoming a real city

Like Pinnochio, Celebration, FL, the town that Disney built, has never really been a real town. It is an planned community run by an managment company and local board, but is just a part of unincorporated Osceola County. Now, the community of Celebration appears to have found it’s Blue Fairy and the process of granting it city-hood, is moving through the halls of the state capitol.

The five state legislators present for a vote Wednesday agreed to allow the state to review a feasibility study conducted by the University of Central Florida on behalf of the Celebration Incorporation Task Force. Once the state review is complete, the legislators agreed to discuss filing a bill that would allow a voter referendum on the issue.

No body said government moves fast.

The grand experiment in New Urbanism continues. Hopefully if they become a real city, the residents can gain a little more control over the master plan and get some of those companies that may have been avoiding building there to move in (like a regular grocery store, a gas station, etc). (Thanks Lee! Image courtesy hyku.com)