Neal Gabler Editorial

Neal Gabler, author of the most recent biography of Walt Disney, has an editorial in the Los Angeles Times on the 40th Anniversary of Walt’s death and how he continues to be viewed in our culture.

To a surprising degree, however, he has managed to survive in the
national consciousness, and not just as a corporate logo but as a kind
of cultural barometer. Ask just about anyone how he or she feels about
Disney and you are likely to get either a beaming, misty-eyed tribute
from those who recall him fondly and enjoy his animations and theme
parks, or a scowling, brow-furrowed denunciation from those who see him
as the great Satan of modern mass culture.

Gabler’s portrayal of Walt as an enigma is his hook, so take that with a measure of salt, but as a fan of Disney’s work and legacy, it’s something I appreciate instead of debate.