Apocalypto takes early Box Office lead

Despite some critics claiming Apocalytpo was not high concept enough (not every film can be Apocalypse Now), movie audiences look to have found something to like in Mel Gibson’s latest action adventure flick. Deadline Hollywood blog reports that Apocalypto has taken the Box Office lead based on early Friday returns. There is a reason Gibson’s previous directoral efforts have done so well at the box office, he knows how to craft a film that audiences want to see. He may be a bit unclear on the whole drinking and driving thing, but hopefully he’s working on that. 

1 thought on “Apocalypto takes early Box Office lead”

  1. as a disney geek since birth, i would like to say bravo to disney for helping create this masterpiece.. violent (yes unfortunately) but REAL is the best word to describe this cinematic work of art. we ourselves live in very violent times.. and for those living in the suburbs where it might be more pleasant try living in the “nice” inner cities where the violence is growing more common everyday. we are destroying ourselves as a civilization. i hope people got that message from Mr. Gibson and Disney. Thank You,
    Katie Jones
    City of Commerce, CA

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