Nightmare Before Christmas Contest Winner

This falls under the category of one of the coolest things to ever happen on The Disney Blog. Hanford Lemoore, fellow tiki aficionado, was reading The Disney Blog when he read about the contest to make your own Nightmare Before Christmas character. So he came up with an idea and entered it at the last minute.

I thought about designing a character totally from scratch, but I read the rules and saw that they required at least one of the supplied body parts to qualify. I used the contest’s “avatar creation tool” to save out the body parts individually so that I had more control over them in Photoshop. I noticed that the mummy head already had one eye, so I went with it.

With the character designed and a little couplet to help explain the concept, Hanford sent it in on Halloween and then went out to a party. Well, guess what! He won.

The prize, as it turns out, isn’t that neat. A somewhat generic congratulations video from Tim Burton (how about sending some swag his way… or maybe a character design job). But it’s great that he heard about it here. The Disney Blog, one step on the path to greatness.