High School Musical Live Concert Tour launches to applause and confusion

The Disney Channel’s hit movie High School Musical has been an unqualified success for the Disney Channel. It’s spawned DVDs, CDs, apparel, karaoke, fan clubs, been converted into a stage musical and boosted the careers of a half dozen teeny bopper stars. The latest vehicle is a concert tour designed to keep HSM fans happy while waiting for the sequel to be filmed and released.

Seems like a good idea, right? Here’s a little more on what the concert show involves and Reuters has a report on the San Diego show that launched the tour.

The concert featured songs more or less in order from the
original production, but it took detours to showcase the film’s
principals promoting current or upcoming albums and other Walt
Disney Co. projects. Backing singers and dancers also were
recruited from the movie, while short clips ran on a large
screen to help push numbers along.

But don’t go in expecting a stage version of the musical. Unfortunately it sounds like some parents and their kids were expecting exactly that.

In comments on a previous post two parents have expressed dismay at the way Disney has promoted this concert tour and how much of a vehicle it seemed for the stars who were participating.

I can’t believe what a waste of my time and money this horrible live event was. Some genius at Disney decided to use the popularity of High School Musical to sell tickets to this, 2 hour promotion of "new acts" and cd release dates.

This was not a live performance of High School Musical. This was a concert for these kids who used almost every second to promote themselves and remind us of the names of their new cd’s and the release dates.

I suspect she will not be the only parent who ends up disappointed. The fact that I haven’t seen a huge outcry about how cool the show is either, makes me wonder exactly what is going on with the tour. Has anyone seen the concert tour and wish to contradict the bad news?