Disney’s High School Musical Concert Tour Launches Tonight

All across America tonight millions of kids are seeing yellow as they think about the lucky few thousand who are experiencing the opening night performance of High School Musical The Concert Tour in San Diego, CA. The 90 minute performance features most of the stars from the popular Disney Channel movie including songs from the movie and from the personal albums of some of the performers.

Engineered by veterans of Rolling Stones tours and tricked out with
intricate choreography, confetti drops and a giant backdrop screen for
heartthrob close-ups, the concert was designed to wow the "tween" fans
who made the TV movie a nationwide hit faster than Paris Hilton can
say, "hot."

This AP article is a great look at what you can expect if you’re attending one of the tour performances. If anyone is at any of the shows, I’d love to get a first hand report to post on the blog. Just drop me a line.