Corn Dog’s at Disneyland

Monster Munching, a blog that is normally about dining in the Orange County California region, turns his eye toward Disneyland’s Little Red Wagon.

There, in a parked truck, inside a compartment the size of a janitor’s broom closet, two Disney Cast Members toil in what I imagine is the worst job at Disneyland. But the problem isn’t just the cramped quarters; it’s the sputtering deep fryer crammed in there with ’em.

The Corn Dog sold at the Little Red Wagon is one of my favorite indulgences when I visit the Happiest Place On Earth.

The corn dogs, however, are colossal, as long as my forearm and just as
thick. Deep fried to a dark mahogany brown, it’s as greasy as they
come. A napkin I wrapped around its base for gripping turned clear on
contact. Enough oil leeched out of its pores to lube up a bodybuilder,
but the corn dog was scrumptious and filling enough to also feed one.

Doesn’t that sound good! I think we all owe a big thank you to all the cast members who have ever worked in that little space.

3 thoughts on “Corn Dog’s at Disneyland”

  1. I’m sure you know this, John, but the exact same delicious dogs are sold in California Adventure at Corn Dog Castle (in the Paradise Pier area, between the replica Palace of the Fine Arts and the Mulholland Madness ride)… that’s where I first experienced them. They sure are something else.

  2. That is the only place in the park that I actually like the food, rather than just eating it because it is there.

    We always get corndogs for lunch. BTW, not a bad place for getting some private time with characters either.

  3. OMG, you must be talking about the gut-bomb I tried on my last visit. I’ve never eaten a nastier, greasier corn dog. Blech! I had to eat nothing but salads for a week after that.

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