Corn Dog’s at Disneyland

Monster Munching, a blog that is normally about dining in the Orange County California region, turns his eye toward Disneyland’s Little Red Wagon.

There, in a parked truck, inside a compartment the size of a janitor’s broom closet, two Disney Cast Members toil in what I imagine is the worst job at Disneyland. But the problem isn’t just the cramped quarters; it’s the sputtering deep fryer crammed in there with ’em.

The Corn Dog sold at the Little Red Wagon is one of my favorite indulgences when I visit the Happiest Place On Earth.

The corn dogs, however, are colossal, as long as my forearm and just as
thick. Deep fried to a dark mahogany brown, it’s as greasy as they
come. A napkin I wrapped around its base for gripping turned clear on
contact. Enough oil leeched out of its pores to lube up a bodybuilder,
but the corn dog was scrumptious and filling enough to also feed one.

Doesn’t that sound good! I think we all owe a big thank you to all the cast members who have ever worked in that little space.