Finding Nemo – The Musical: Meet the Creators

I’m besotted with Disney’s latest musical Finding Nemo. It hasn’t risen to the point of obsession yet. But stay tuned! Two of the key members of the creative team behind Finding Nemo The Musical were profiled in the Orlando Sentinel this weekend.

It’s interesting to see how the creators of Tony Award winning ‘Avenue Q’ were able to take that adult humor and Disney-fy it. They also point out how more people have seen the 30 minute Aladdin show at California Adventure than ever say Phantom of the Opera, which serves to introduce a new generation to the Broadway musical. If Finding Nemo The Musical duplicates that it can only be a good thing.

As an aside, I also noticed that there were some performers doing new roles this weekend. I’ve heard that they’re now asking most performers to learn two tracks (series of roles). So not only will they have two casts and the swing performers, but most performers could act as swings. Sounds like they’re gearing up for a high demand, a good thing too. The show is still in previews and already every show is full.

That’s not to say there aren’t problems. Yesterday a show was stopped about 5 minutes in due to technical difficulties. I’m not sure what that specific problem was, but I’ve heard they’re having problems with the flying rigs and have had to do some alternate non-flying choreography. May I suggest trampolines?