The Triumph of Walt Disney

Michiko Kakutani reviews Neal Gabler’s Walt Disney Biography "The Triumph of the American Imagination" for the New York Times. Previous biographies have run the gamut from the error filled "The Dark Prince" to the Roy Disney biography, which revealed much about how the partnership between the brother’s was formed.

In recent years the tide has begun to turn sharply in Disney’s favor.
Following Steven Watts’s 1998 book, “The Magic Kingdom” — which
described Disney as “a major architect of modern American culture” and
“perhaps the pre-eminent interpreter” of the nation’s fantasy life —
there comes Neal Gabler’s new biography, “Walt Disney,” which asserts
that this animator not only created a new art form, but also “changed
the world.”

I’m only 100 pages or so into the book. But so far, it’s a keeper. I’ll work on a full review when I’ve read the whole thing.