Cinderella’s Chamber Secrets

Scott Powers at the Orlando Sentinel’s Tourism Central Blog has the details of exactly what the guest who wins a night’s stay in Cinderella Castle will experience.

Starting in January, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts will be picking
one family each day to stay overnight in the suite. Until now it has
been a long-neglected, roughed-in, unlivable living space halfway up
Cinderella Castle. Since at least June, Disney’s Imagineers and
planners have been frantically trying to transform the space into the
kind of 21st century apartment that a 17th-century princess would want
to live in.

For months Disney officials were mum about details, insisting they
really didn’t have them. All of that needed to be figured out, they’ve
said. Now, such details are becoming available.

Plenty of juicy details follow in the article. Sign me up!