Borrowing From EPCOT and Celebration in Colorado

Chryss Cada writes in The Denver Post about a project being planned for Fort Collins, Colorado that clearly inspired by Disney.

With seed money of about $30 million, developer Lloyd Goff and his investment partners hope to transform 50 city blocks on the north side of town into a $1 billion research campus similar to Los Alamos, N.M., and a mixed-use village with housing for 12,000.

The crown jewel of the development would be a guided transport system a la Disneyland.

But that’s not all.

Goff would like the research campus to focus on reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Proposed areas of next-generation infrastructure research include transport, robotics, conservation, renewable energy, water recycling and automation.

Sounds a little fimiliar.

Perhaps the most innovative amenity will be the guided transport system. A group of former Disney engineers who built the original monorails at Disneyland and Disney World have designed a simple system that would be integrated into the Airpark Village development.

It will be interesting to see what happens if it comes to fruition.  The housing situation sounds like it is trying to get people closer together than Celebration.