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Want to Work in Theme Park Management?

Noah Bierman of the Miama Herald writes about the University of Central Florida Rosen School of Hospitality’s program studying theme park and attraction management.

Theme-park industry executives help craft the school’s curriculum, meaning students aren’t likely to get too much skepticism about the industry.

By the end of one class, students are required to explain how fireworks are used to entertain. And in the sixth week of ”Product Development in the Theme Park and Attraction Industry,” students learn how to accommodate the special needs of celebrity visitors.

Students in some classes use a popular video game — Roller Coaster Tycoon — to design their own theme park. They learn about human resources, how to schedule employees, marketing, technology and how to tell stories that will keep people coming back.

Interesting, though I don’t think the program is as original as the article may lead you to believe. I recall California State University at Fullerton, which is close to Disneyland Resort and Knott’s Berry Farm in California, has or had a similair program, though I don’t know how extensive. There have also been classes at various colleges on the creative side of theme park design. There weren’t classes for that CSUF when I was there, but I did combine classes from the various schools on campus, and internship, and independent study to get a degree in "Thematic Environmental Design".  I also worked in Operations for fifteen years, getting experience in the trenches.