LOST haitus defined and other ABC news

Zap2it reveals the air date for the last Lost of the early season mini-series and the return date for the longer second-half run. Fans have until November 8th to enjoy new episodes of Lost, after that a another serial drama "Day Break" (apparently featuring ‘Groundhog Day’ like mysteries) will take it’s place.

How long will Lost fans have to wait for the next new episode? Until February 7th. But we should get 16 back-to-back episodes after that right through spring sweeps.

In other good news ABC has yanked the ‘Extreme Makeover’ body sculpting show after just one episode. Poor ratings. (Link)

2 thoughts on “LOST haitus defined and other ABC news”

  1. Well, the decision this year to do two separate seasons with no breaks in each was generally accepted with glee by fans. I don’t think people expected the middle break to be so long. However, the long string of episodes with no repeats for the second part of season three should be lots of fun. Just be patient and enjoy ‘Day Break’ in the meantime.

    I know it’s not ABC, but I’m also really enjoying Heroes and Studio 60 on NBC this season too. That’s allowed right?

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