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Land for rumored new themepark now up for sale in Kissimmee

I drove by the site for the rumored “Paidia” themepark yesterday and noticed that a for sale sign for 458 acres is now erected on the property. That’s sad, but it’s probably another example of Katrina’s affects. The original investors for the new themepark were all from Louisiana.

However, I look at a block of 458 acres just a few miles from the front door of Walt Disney World and I see an opportunity for another major amusement park builder to step in and make its mark on Central Florida. This location is much better than their previous rumored location near the intersection of the 192 and the 27 anyway. In fact, if I were a mucky-muck in Kissimmee or Osceola County I would get Cedar Fair on the phone immediately and attempt to make a deal.

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