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Entertainment Weekly’s LOST Conspiracy Roundup

Are you a fan of ABC’s hit TV show "Lost"? Do you like to theorize endlessly about the mysteries and conspiracies of the island? If so, then you’ll probably enjoy reading Jeff Jenson’s Entertainment Weekly column. Jenson delves deeply into the storyline, sniffs out every little clue, and then presents the reader with a variety of theories from crackpot to sound.

This week one of my favorite ponderings is, "Are ‘Heroes’ and ‘Lost’ set in the same universe?" You may be surprised at the answer. Consider that the producers for both shows have worked closely together in the past.

For those of you that tivo’d last night’s episode but haven’t watched it yet, I won’t reveal any spoilers. But I loved how this episode got back to some of the mythology of the island. We also saw a side of John Locke that starts to reveal how he became such an expert outdoors man.

This was episode three in what is supposed to be a six episode arc that resolves itself in a cliff-hanger before the winter break. If that’s the case, then these next three episodes are going to be jam packed with excitement. I can’t wait.