Disney Yearbook Folds After Just One Printing

Josh at The Disney Frontier blog reports on the demise of the Disney Yearbook after just one issue. I guess they took the name literally. Actually, I’ve heard examples of where they’re offering the book at a great discount. Which leads me to suspect either the ‘very limited’ amount wasn’t all that limited, or the interest in the book really wasn’t that great. Perhaps some of both.

I have a copy sitting here beside me and I like it. But it’s really just a rehash of all the ‘Disney Insider’ pieces throughout the year. Most of those were online newsletters and have some translation problems from web to print too.

Anyway here’s the email  Josh got letting him know his one issue would be the last:

Dear Yearbook Purchaser,

We’d like to inform you that your 2005 Disney Insider Yearbook, featuring Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, will be the only edition of the Yearbook produced. Because of its limited production, the Yearbook is truly a Disney collector’s treasure. For those who signed up for the annual Yearbook subscription, there will be no further charges to your credit card, as the 2005 edition will be the only edition produced.

Now I have a "collector’s treasure". I’m so special.