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Winners of Disney Dreams online contest visit Disney World

The Spangler family of Randolph, Ohio were the lucky winners of the contest to have a morning all by themselves in the Magic Kingdom. This AP story about the winners is funny because it gets so many facts wrong:

  • "The Magic Kingdom was eerily quiet, with only the chirping of birds, piped in orchestra music and the sound of their footsteps filling the 125,000-acre park." — The park might be 125 acres, but the whole Walt Disney World Resort area is only 27,000 acres. (Since corrected). Updated, Acreage source: Orlando Sentinel
  • "The Spanglers, of Randolph, Ohio, were the first to win a marquee prize in Disney’s "Year of a Million Dreams" celebration." — Technically this was a separate contest from the current Year Of A Million Dreams contest
  • "Some [prizes], like a pass allowing guests to skip lines at attractions for the day," – actually, it just let’s you use fastpass once at each fastpass attraction for the rest of the day.
  • "All the company’s worldwide properties are participating, but the biggest prizes are at Disney World and Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif." – All worldwide properties may be participating but only the US properties are involved in the giveaways from this contest

Thankfully the Orlando Sentinel writes their own article which is much better than the APs

3 thoughts on “Winners of Disney Dreams online contest visit Disney World”

  1. They fixed the acreage error in the AP article, but that’s it.

    I got to be in the crowd yesterday morning. What fun that was!

    “Sshhh…. the family is in the park!”

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