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Disney Fingerprinting Guests? Not Exactly

When I went to the parks this last weekend, I noticed that the biometric single-finger scanner has been rolled out to Epcot. That makes at least two parks with the new system. Eventually, it will be rolled out to all four theme parks and the two water parks. It certainly is faster than the previous two-finger scanner. The question is are you risking a privacy violation by using it.

As mentioned in these previous articles you can always opt-out by providing a valid photo id. This new article in the Detroit News gets the closest thing to a denial I’ve heard from Disney World, "To call it a fingerprint is a little bit of a stretch." Of course, that’s not a complete denial. So until we get one, I guess the controversy will continue.

2 thoughts on “Disney Fingerprinting Guests? Not Exactly”

  1. Well, Disney already has my fingerprints on file, so I guess it’s safe for me to ask why you’d care whether or not they’re taking fingerprints or not? Is it just an identity theft thing since everyone’s computers seem to be getting hacked?

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