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Bob Iger Interview on CNN

CNN has a transcript online of an interview with Bob Iger (President & CEO of The Walt Disney Company, in case you are new around here), who was interviewed by Andrew Stevens:

Stevens: Michael Eisner was at Disney for 21 years, you were his number two for five years, how important was it for you to establish yourself as your own man when you took over the top job?

Iger: I think it is important for people who are given leadership roles to assume that role immediately. So I thought it was very important when I stepped into this role, that I assume the position so to speak and act the part as a leader because I thought that the company very much needed that. So that means providing direction, creating a level of accountability but also a significant amount of empowerment to people — in other words, giving them a framework, letting them know that they are responsible but then giving them room to operate.

Bob declares that the folks at Disney will not "rest on our laurels". I have no idea if he used that phrase as codespeak to all of us Uncle Walt fans who remember the Disneyland Tenth Anniversary comments in which Walt advised everyone that they were just getting started, or if Bob uses that phrase regularly anyway.