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How Does That Stuff Get Into the Windows at Disneyland?

Barbara Giasone at the Orange County Register tells us about the work of Shawna Tice-Miles, who designs Disneyland window displays:

Boys tend to be attracted to weaponry at Halloween, while girls find costumes and characters appealing. These props will be used to emphasize the newest promotion, Disney’s HalloweenTime, in which the theme park will take on the holiday’s motif.

Men are magnetized by sports-related merchandise with hard lines. Women’s eyes are drawn to soft florals accenting a main theme.

Green-velvet walls attract the male eye; gilded walls lure the female eye.

The window displays are just one of the seemingly countless ingredients that make up the whole of the Disney theme park experience.  Most people rarely stop to think about all of the work that goes into details like them, and that’s part of why Disneyland works as an escapist experience.

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