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Karen of I Love TV looks at Disney’s newest animated television show "Handy Manny" and likes what she sees.

Before tuning in, all I knew was that Wilmer Valderrama was somehow
involved. Although I of course loved him as Fez on "That ’70s Show,"
his celebrity party antics didn’t exactly engender confidence in what
he would bring to an offering for kids. But he’s actually really
adorable as the voice of Manny, the go-to fix-it guy in a small,
friendly town.

The show is just over the head of my three year old. So I haven’t really watched it much yet, but I imagine that in about 6 months I’ll be able to recite all the lines.

Handy Manny on Disney.com

Update: See Handy Manny Tools on eBay.

Update 10/08/07: You might be able to find some Handy Manny Toys on Amazon like this Handy Manny 15" Plush Doll starting today!

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  1. I am really impressed with Manny. Its a truely unique and entertaining creation. It has to be extremely difficult to create something today in a market of overused and over saturated Dora-esque shows. A tribute to the creativity of the designers for sure.
    This is the most creative kids show since Rolly Polly Olie, for the Disney Channel. It will help the Disney Channel compete for the Dora and Cousin market share.

  2. I don’t actually find it very original, something of a Dora meets Bob the Builder concept. I do find it entertaining though.

    My son was playing the videogame on the Playhouse Disney site for about a month prior to the show debuting, so of course he was primed.

    He really enjoys it.

  3. Manny has taken over from Mickey Mouse as my 35 month old son’s favorite show. He knows all the tools names already and my 20 month old twins love it too.

    I like the bilingual aspect better than Dora, it just seems more natural and less packaged. Besides, Dora is a girl and my boys were uninterested.

  4. My two boys love watching Handy Manny and they sing the song all day. I have to record the show for my three year old since he goes to PreK and he wants to watch it all day. The show actually enforces them to speak a little spanish at home.

  5. I’ve watched this show a few times with my 3 year old and as a Hispanic I find it offensive how this silly caracter has this accent, I find this show is confusing to children as the Telletubbies and WILL NOT allow my kids to watch it. Dora and Diego are enough of bilingual shows in my opinion.

    1. Why would you find the accent offensive? I am a Hispanic with no accent and I don’t find it offensive at all. Maybe by giving this positive character a slight accent will make kids or people in general more acceptng of accents and not make fun of those who do have them. Unfortunately some people think that people with accents are uneducated or less than those with no accent. Alot of our Hispanic kids today speak English with no accent but their parents or grandparents do, and I see sometimes how embarrased they get when their parents have to speak in public. They should not have to feel that way. The more exposed they are to differences the more likely they will find it to be normal. Accents are not offensive!

    2. I don’t understand how the accent can be offensive when Manny isn’t the only character with a distinct accent (ie: Italian contractor “Joe Ponatero”). I think it is great for my son to hear a myriad of accents at such a young age. It teaches a child to respect and be friends with others no matter what they look like or where they come from. I also love the fact that a woman owns the hardware store. I guess it also helps that our home is already bilingual!

    3. The only reason why the character has an accent is because the voice of Handy Manny is Wilmer Valderama who happens to speak with an accent. I am a hispanic and I dont find it offensive whatsoever. In fact, I’m happy that there are alot more shows out there to teach children how to speak spanish. Why is it that minorities want to always find a reason to feel offended. Get over it and appreciate a good show for children that teach them about their culture.

  6. My 3 year old daughter enjoys Handy Manny and it has helped her learn the uses of some tools. She was my “advisor” assembling her tricycle, identifying when Phillipe was needed. However, the show needs a technical advisor – really, anyone who took shop class in high school or learned at the side of a parent will do, to ensure the proper use of the tools. Manny needs to practice what he preaches, the use of the “right tool for the job.” Manny uses a pipe wrench or pliers when he should use a spanner or open ended or box wrench, and he applies “Rusty” the pipe wrench backwards, turning the wrong direction. (see washing machine repair). Steve

  7. I have a 2 year old that loves this show. I have a DVR full of eposides so he can watch them any time. I like it too and find my self trying to sing ths songs. Has anyone heard anything about toys for xmas fromt his show?

  8. My two year old son is wild about Manny!! We are hoping that there will be a release of a dvd soon because he has memorized all the episodes on disney already! I hope new episodes are on their way out!!Id love to know if there is any merchandise or toys out yet!

  9. My two year old son is wild about Manny!! We are hoping that there will be a release of a dvd soon because he has memorized all the episodes on disney already! I hope new episodes are on their way out!!Id love to know if there is any merchandise or toys out yet!

  10. my son and i love handy manny. he is inspired to speak more spanish now that his buddy manny and tools speak spanish. thank you for including programs as this that promote being bilingual. i hope to soon see handy manny toys for purchase!

  11. Even though we love Handy Manny, I wish that he were from another country other than Mexico. I love Mexico but it’s a shame that the only spanish speaking cartoons that exist are always from Mexico. The Latin community includes many countries other than Mexico!!!

  12. This show has wonderfully vivid colors for the younger children, who don’t understand the concepts yet. The concepts are wonderful and I can’t wait for him to “get it” when he’s older.

    I would like to see stuffed animal type tools or soft foam like tools for the younger kids.

  13. I am wondering if there are any places to find Handy Manny birthday party supplies~ this is all my soon to be 3 yr old son wants for his birthday~ any help would be appreciated~ thanks

    1. i was wondering if you ever found out anything about the handy manny birthday supplies.. my 2 year old LOVES him.. and i wanna throw him a handy manny birthday party.. i’ve been on the website.. which shows some ideas but i was wondering if you knew any place.


      1. It may be a little late, but if you are looking for supplies that you can’t find through Disney’s online store check out birthdaypartyexpress.com

  14. My 4year old son loves Handy Manny ! He goes around the house singing the song. we are keeping a eye out for Handy Manny toys.He really wants a tool box full of Handy Manny tools.

  15. My 2 year old loves Handy Manny as well and sings the songs all the time. I also would like to know if there is any merchandise coming out for Christmas.

  16. There are a few Handy Manny items on eBay. They are home made, but I’ve ordered a shirt off of there and I’m SURE my son will love it!!!

  17. My three year old is absolutely crazy about Manny. I’m glad that there’s now a bilingual character that boys can relate to. I specially like how the writers blend the Spanish words very naturally. I also like how they make an enphasis on being polite and helpful. However, as a hispanic myself, I do feel that the writers/producers are a bit narrow minded to have all bilingual characters from a Mexican descent.There shouldn’t be a specific nationality to a character. We don’t classify Mickey as a New Yorker( due to the lack of accent) -He is simply a character. There should be no nationality, just a character who speaks “pure” Spanish.

  18. So, what’s bilingual about saying a few words in spanish here and there?

    Just like Dora: “Hola, I am Dora and this is my friend boots” That’s one word in spanish and 9 in english…..

    My kids like Dora and Handy Manny though and the characters are really nice so it’s ok. I just would like them to be really bilingual or not to be advertised as bilingual at all.

  19. To the person who is offended by Manny’s “silly” accent… do you know that it is not a “fake” accent? Manny’s voice is done by “Fez” from “That 70’s Show”, it’s real, honey! :)

  20. i agree that Dora and Manny are mostly english but they do speak spanish also. if you want a show to be more spanish speaking, see the Dora show in the spanish channel (i believe univision). the point is that as hispanics, we like to see when our language is incorporated in the popular programs that our little ones like to watch because it shows them that knowing more than one language (like Dora and Manny know) is good. it doesn’t really teach them to be fluent in spanish but it inspires them to want to speak more than one language. i also wanted to mention that i am glad to see that even though Handy Manny is mexican, the other characters from the shows are from other latin countries. thanks!

  21. To Adriana: true!!! I had not seen that way! thanks!

    Actually, I’ve been watching handy manny with my kids in the past few days and I realized that he speaks more spanish than I thought at first. I love the …”let’s get to work muy rapido!”

    And regarding the accent, I understand the guy that makes handy manny’s voice is venezuelan not mexican.

  22. What a great and unique show for younger children! Beautiful animation, catchy songs, an introduction to spanish and stories that encourage problem-solving and the imnportance of community-what more could you ask for?

  23. and no-the accent is not “silly”. The character is voiced by Wilmer Valderrama, who is, indeed, hispanic. The title track is sung/played by Los Lonley Boys, who are hispanic. Pretty authentic,I would say. Do your research before passing judgement.

  24. My 4 year old grandson loves Handy Manny. My microwave does not work and he wanted to pop some popcorn, when I told him about the oven he said, “let’s call Handy Manny, he’ll fix it” he has also asked me for his own tools. He has learned so much. I will now enroll him at the local hardware store for the children’s classes.
    As for the spanish language being used,my grandson has been able to pick up words in spanish and english, he will be proficient in 2 languages thanks to programming like this.

  25. My 3 year old son loves Handy Manny. We watch it twice a day every day. My 5 and 8 year old girls also like to watch sometimes.

  26. This show is terrific. My 4 your old son matt watches it everyday and I DVR it also, so he can watch it later if he wants. He loves to pretend he’s manny. Thanks Disney for putting this show together. It’s great.

  27. My 3-year-old also loves Handy Manny. We took the knob off the TV in the playroom so they can’t play with the volume. When his 2-year-old brother pushes the knob nub in (off), he says to me “Mom, we need to get Squeeze out,” because needle-nose plyers pull the little nub back out. It’s the cutest thing!

  28. I am 13 years old and I watch Handy Manny weekdays at 9am and weekends at 10am.As a matter of fact I watched this morning’s episode. Yeah so dont laugh at me it’s a good show. Your 2 year olds like it, so why cant I? lol

  29. I love this show. Its my first time that I see this show and my nephew of 5 years loves it. I ‘m ready to purchase this on DVD. When does it come out?

  30. Thank God for DVR and Handy Manny! My son doesnt get to watch much TV, but when he does, he wants Handy Manny, as does his lil sister!

    Thanks for the post on only Mexico being the latino commnunity, theres a whole lot more than Mexico. They did bring in a child and family from Argentina!

  31. My 3-year old son LOVES “Handy Manny”, but as he would say it “Hanny Manny”, asks “me watch Hanny Manny mom?”. He gets out his own tool-=\box (his tools have the same names as Manny’s of course) and fixes everything in my house! Wilmer Valderrama comes on TV and I ask if that is Handy Manny and my son says “Nooooooo Mom!
    As a parent, I love the positive enfluence the show has on my son. Teaching children to share, they are all special in their own ways, be nice to your neighbors and being helpful are all everyday things that makes you feel better as a person, not expecting rewards for being kind.

  32. My son is 9 months and LOVES it as well, I think is the music at this
    stage… ANY TOYS out there of Handy Manny????

  33. I love Handy Manny I babysit my 4 year old cousin and we are up bright and early at 8:00 am to watch Handy Manny with all his tools. We even assigned everyone in the Family a Character. I was voted Pat the Hammer..for his clumsiness!!

  34. My 2 & 1/2 year old LOVES handy manny. He enjoyed bob the builder, handy manny is a great show to grow with. He wants toys and I can’t seem to find any.

  35. Are there any toys out there for Handy Manny? My grandchildren are “in love” with him. Me too. Help.

  36. Thank you this is a wonderful cartoon. My son loves the tools ,and i am about to go crazy looking for a toy for christmas.

  37. My little girl, Gracie 2 1/2, LOVES Handy Manny! We have a DVR, we record every show and she asks to watch it over and over. I love the fact that it’s just a sweet and innocent show..always with a good message. Personally I love Mr. Lowpart!
    Great Show…with loveable characters!

  38. TOYS, TOYS, WHERE ARE THE TOYS?!? When my son began to watch Diego, I looked for Diego toys. You could not find any Diego toys. Finally my son moved on to another character (as they normally do w/their stages). Now you see Diego everywhere (a little too late). I have friends that went thru the same thing w/Diego. Now my son’s craze is Handy Manny. Again, no toys. To the marketing dept.:Don’t wait too long for the toys, especially w/the holidays coming along. A toolbox w/all the characters would be GREAT!

  39. My son Domenic is in love with Handy Manny, I feel the same way this show is fantastic, I hoping that Disney will come out real soon with handy mandy products my son is waiting patiently to get the tools. My son walks around the house constantly trying to fix everything and help everyone which i think is fantastic!!

  40. My 4 year old son loves Handy Manny!! I love it as well. I am so very happy to see that there are more and more positive Hispanic role models for children. I emphasize to my son to be proud of his Hispanic heritage and shows like Handy Manny are helping out with that. Hopefully there will be some toys out for Christmas.

  41. My 2 1/2 year old son loves Handy Manny! I am happy to see that there is another positvive cartoon for our youngsters to watch. He is a great role model for children. And his little tools with their expressions are so cute. I only wish that I could find some Handy Manny toys. I know my son would love to have some.

  42. Is there any merchandise besides what is on Ebay for Handy Manny? My son watches it as much as he can, he loves it.

  43. my son xavier loves handy manny, and i also think it’s a great show for any kids of any age or ethnic background keep up the good work

  44. Ok I love Handy Manny Every since it aired my 2 year old son will watch this show everyday when every it is on one of the disney channels this is his favorite show now I only wish there where toys and accessories to go with it like bedding a movie whatever think it will be a big hit

  45. My three year old son loves Handy Manny and wants to be just like him. He goes around trying to fix things around the house. When will they have the tools for kids to buy?

  46. My three year old son loves Handy Manny and wants to be just like him. He goes around trying to fix things around the house. When will they have the tools for kids to buy?

  47. My husband tells me he was outside one afternoon with our 3 year old son on the swing in our back yard. Well the other swing broke the other afternoon when I sat on it, so my son says, “Mommy’s swing is broken Daddy, Lets calls Handy Manny!” I couldnot stop laughing!

  48. We are becoming huge Handy Manny fans in our home, My three yr old and 1 yr old are in love with Handy Manny. I was looking for some Christmas presents for my kids and would like to know when will we see Handy Manny toys. I know my son would love to see Handy Manny toys under the tree for Christmas.

  49. My 2 year old Daughter love Many. She imitates him by putting a pencil behind her ear whenever she finds one, yelling out “I’m Manny”.
    Love the actor, think his accent is fine, can’t stand people who look superficial at childrens cartoons. I didb’t take offense with the “White Boy Slacker-Screwup” episode. Kid’s Shows aren’t meant to be stereotipcal–just show what does really happen.

  50. My son, 2, also loves Handy Manny and so do I! BUT, what was with Mrs Portillo’s explanation of Christmas? I think it was a attempt to explain the Christian celebration of the Holiday, but it was WRONG. Mary and Joseph had NO place to stay, they had to deliver their baby in the manger with the animals. Would it have been so wrong to say Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus? Chaunakah was explained, Kwanza was explained simply but accurately. We do not go house to house because Mary and Josph went house to house… Christmas is because baby Jesus was born!! And you don’t have to belive him as Lord to proclaim this FACT!

  51. I love this cartoon!
    I have a nephew who is 2 and comes over on the weekends. I find myself singing “Come on let’s go muy rapido”… This is such a great cartoon for kids and adults. I can’t wait to watch them!!

  52. My 2 year old son loves handy many. He calls him hany many instead of handy many. Does any one know all the names of the tools? Beacause i have watched it so many times with levi and my 1 month old isabelle. i know all the names.

  53. Has anyone found out when there will be Handy Manny toys and party supplies out?? Since Santa couldnt get toys for Christmas my son is requesting his 3rd birthday be Handy Manny. I cant find anything except cheap, homemade looking stuff on E-bay. I hope Disney people are reading this posts and finally realize the Handy Manny is a huge hit and should get toys out pronto….

  54. Does anybody know all the words to the theme song? Or know a place where they are posted. I get it stuck in my head all the time, but I know I don’t have all the words right! My 3 year old son loves this show, but I think is 16 month old sister loves it even more. It is one of the only cartoons she will watch.

  55. Ebay currently has a set of stuffed handy manny tools for sale on a tool belt. It is “home” made, but extremly well done. I am impressed by this person’s craftwork. They are pricey, but they actually look like Manny’s tools. This seems to be the only toys available so far. I am hoping more come out before March, when my son’s birthday comes up.

  56. I love Handy Manny!! He is the next big thing for Disney. Dora and Diego look out because Manny is taking over. Finally a show that my husband approves of for our son to watch without feeling that our son is going to go into mommy’s closet to play dress up. The blingual aspect of the show is original and more real that that of Dora, and being hispanic, we really appreciate Wilmer’s efforts to characterize Manny as a real person with a background of latin descent. Manny’s work ethic and compassion can definitely be felt. Hats off to u Disney for trusting in such a concept!!

  57. My 21 month old son just absolutely adores Handy Manny! He sits on his little couch and stays and watches the show the whole time its on. We are actually doing his birthday theme in it but I have yet to find anything since it is so new. I guess i will have to make up the decorations myself. But in the future birthday party supplies for handy manny is definately a plus!

  58. Come’On Disney…Christmas has come and gone and my 3 yr. old lil boy wanted to know why Santa didnt bring Handy Manny toys. He said he was a good boy, Fortunately I found a Home Depot tool kit that worked for him, now he goes all around the house trying to fix things and he says that he’s Handy Many. My lil guys b-day is in July Im hoping that there will be more than enough stuff out then. I would love to have a Handy Manny B-day party for him…Come On Disney get with the program…you gotta hit cartoon lets see some merchandise. We love Handy Manny!!

  59. please get with the program, like quick style. Having son’s birthday party in May 07 and need party supplies asap. Don’t want to have to make them up myself. By the way, son loves the show.

  60. I agree with all of the above! My 4 year old son and I love the show and want to know where all the merchandise is! It’s a really cute show, and I respect the message of diversity it sends. My mother is from Venezuela, so having Wilmer Valderama as the voice of Handy Manny (or “Handy Mandy,” as my son would say) is just an added bonus. In any event, we had to get him the Craftsman work bench instead of Handy Manny stuff, which is what he really wanted. I need DVDs, stickers, toys–all the good stuff for Christmas, Valentines, Easter, birthdays, etc! Let’s get with it Playhouse Disney!

  61. I was just wondering if anyone knows were to get handy manny tools. My son is turning 4 and it is his favorite show. last night when I got home from work he had a little horse that was not working and he said that if he had to tools that handy manny had he would be able to fix anything in the whole house. I would appreciate it if anyone could help. thanks

  62. My 22 month old LOVES Handy Manny. I too have been anxiously waiting merchandise. He has a birthday in March. Seems like we were bombarded with Dora stuff as soon as she hit the tv waves.

  63. My son Jasen is fixing to turn two and he LOVES Manny, he asks to watch him all the time. I cannot find toys or DVD’s for Handy Manny anywhere.

  64. My son is only 3 mos and we are just starting to explore tv He really likes this show I would love to buy the DVDs I have searched online but cant find if anyone knows please let me know
    I see some people are looking for toys if you search Handy Manny on google there were some places with toys

  65. my nephew is 4 months and he likes to watch handy manndy,I think is a very interesting cartoon even when I started watching i loved it,now I wake up early just to watch this is amazing cartoon.

  66. my nephew sebastian joel is 4 months and he likes to watch handy manndy,I think is a very interesting cartoon even when I started watching i loved it,now I wake up early just to watch this is amazing cartoon.

  67. my 3 year old daughter ashtin and my 7 month old son lincoln love handy manny. it is one show they watch together and mom and dad love it too. we are big fans of wilmers and i think he does a wonderful job. we love the songs and the tools. my daughter is now wanting to “fix it right” everything that breaks. we had trouble with a dryer and she brought me the phone and with dead seriousness said lets call handy manny.of course i did but he was out on another job so handy daddy fixed it instead. i love the shows that make my daughter believe with all her heart that it is real.has anyone found any toys or dvds of the show? keep it coming disney-i think you have got a hit.

  68. I agree with the positive comments about Handy Manny. My 21 month old LOVES Handy Manny. He goes to the computer daily because we have a link to Disney Clubhouse so he can see bits of “Manny” and play the online games. I would love to do his 2nd birthday party with this theme, but there’s nothing out there. Come on Disney, can’t belive you’re slacking! Let’s get going on the merchandise, there’s obviously a market for this stuff.

  69. Anyone know if there are Handy Many videos I can buy? My son is not a napper, but he loves this show and it helps him settle down, but since they have moved it to 8am, it’s not nap time and we don’t have DVR

  70. I enjoy watching Handy Mandy with my son, however I don’t like the fact that they use spanish words without revealing what every word means. This is the same thing that Dora does and I refuse to watch Dora. I hope that this will change, or I will have to scratch Hmandy Mandy off the list as well.

  71. My son will be 3 next month and he do is asking for a Handy Manny party. I found Maya and Miguel party supplies on the web but no Manny. Why isn’t he being marketed more?

  72. My 18 month old loves Handy Manny. He turns 2 in August. I would love to have a Handy Manny party, but there’s nothing out there for Handy Manny. What is the hold up?

  73. Hey My son will be 3 in april and I want to give him a Handy Manny B-day part but the only problem is there is no supplies for handy manny. My son will cry when this show goes off. I love your show. It teaches good manners and how to fix things which is good for a boy to watch. THanks Disney but please come out with DVD and party supplies…

  74. My 2 1/2 year old son just loves Manny and I just couldn’t be happier with it myself. It is too cute and teaches all of the values I try to teach my son. He loves watching ‘tools’ and he can’t get enough of it! I for one would like Handy Manny to become available on DVD!

  75. My 3 year old daughter LOVES Handy Manny! She is a very “girly girly” young lady, but she carries around a play hammer and screwdriver and “fixes” everything just like Manny. She is begging for Handy Manny birthday party. Does ANYONE know where we can get some party plates and napkins? Disney – hurry up and give us products!

  76. Well I have posted in the past and will continue to post until I can find out where I can get Handy Manny stuff, my lil guy will be 4 in July and we want a Handy Manny party. I know if you go on Disneystore.com you can order a personalized Handy Manny tee for your lil one, but that’s it. One way or another we will have our Handy Manny party! If anyone has any info please pass it on. Come’on Disney we fans have been waiting months for the merchandise, we know you want our money…..where’s our stuff to buy!!!!

  77. I would love to find some merchandise to buy to put on a “Handy Manny” birthday party for my son who turns 3 very soon. Any ideas out there?

  78. Hey I agree with all of you out there. My nephew is 6 months and just stares at the tv when Handy Manny is on. My sister wants something different for his party, but we haven’t seen any Handy Manny stuff out there.

  79. My 3.5 yr old daughter is in love with Handy Manny. She likes the hammer Pat the best when he does crazy dances its so cute she laughs so hard. Thanks Disney another great show.

  80. I want to have a Handy Manny theme for my son’s 1st birthday. I am hoping that Disney will come out with some stuff !

  81. I want to have a Handy Manny theme for my son’s 1st birthday. I am hoping that Disney will come out with some stuff !

  82. I want to have a Handy Manny theme for my son’s 1st birthday. I am hoping that Disney will come out with some stuff !

  83. My 3yr old loves handy manny and we are hoping that some of the stores will come out with handy manny toy’s and birthday items, He wants a handy manny birthday party! I love the show as well!

  84. My 3 year old son LOVES Handy Manny and all the tools! I like the show because it teaches cooperation, taking turns, responsibility, honesty and many other virtues we teach our kids on a daily basis. It also deals with issues such as being afraid, anger, thinking things through, etc… This show teaches as well as entertains and I would recommend it for any child!

  85. My son will turn 3 in August. He loves Handy Manny. I was dissappointed to find out that there were no birthday party supplies. He plays with his tools and recites lines from the show. When my father was trying to fix his tv, my son tried to help and said well here’s your problem papa.

  86. Every morning this summer I would wake up in the morning, turn on “Playhouse Disney”, and wait for “Handy Manny” to come on. I am a thirteen year old girl and I love “Handy Manny”. I find it a very inspirational show for all young children. Like alot of other children’s programs, “Handy Manny” has many important moral values in it and the entertainment to put joy into all of the little kids who watch this show.

  87. Every morning this summer I would wake up in the morning, turn on “Playhouse Disney”, and wait for “Handy Manny” to come on. I am a thirteen year old girl and I love “Handy Manny”. I find it a very inspirational show for all young children. Like alot of other children’s programs, “Handy Manny” has many important moral values in it and the entertainment to put joy into all of the little kids who watch this show.

  88. My son is 4 years old and is having a birthday party. He wants Handy Manny. I cant find anything. I think Handy Manny is a great show for my son to watch. I really hope by November there will be some party decorations in Handy Manny!

  89. My 3 year old son has just discovered Handy Manny and he is HOOKED! i actually like the show myself. it has a good lesson, some great bilingual learning and is a good fun show. Handy Manny is a hit at our house!

  90. My child and I love the show. It is really great and we are excited and patiently waiting to see any products about Manny or the tools that are coming out soon.

  91. My 9 years old son really loves watching Handy Manny. There was one time he walked into the store room which he daddy keeps his tools. He took out a hammer and a short piece of nail and started hammering onto a piece of wood. I asked what he was doing and he replied to me that he wanted to be like the one in the tv channel called Handy Manny. I wasn’t quite sure what he was referring. He told me again about Handy Manny. The next day we were sitting down together infront of tv and only then I knew it was all about a young man called Handy Manny and his tool mates.

  92. Hello,
    My nephew who is 2 is wanting Handy Mandy toolbelt and tolls. How long before they will be out. I hope long before x-mas.

  93. My son has been addicted to Handy Manny since he was 2 months old believe it or not. He is not 13 months old and getting the Manny tool box and doll for Christmas! I can’t wait to see his face when he sees his very own set of Manny and the tool. Manny has been a saving grace for us at times because sometimes it is the only way to calm him down. He drops everything for Manny. Thank heavens for DVR and the new Manny DVD (which he got for his birthday.

  94. I am generally very conservative with the television and really try not to watch it. However, I was flipping channels and came across what I thought Fez. Funny because it was Handy Manny. My son is 9 1/2 months old. He loves the songs. Not to mention the repition. He really likes it. I can hardly weight until he really understands the rest of the show.

  95. We have a grandson who just loves Handy Manny. Being born premature, we didn’t think he would response to
    the television children programs for a while. However, at the age of 2 yrs, he began to notice some the so far, Handy Manny is still number one, For Christmas, Santa Clause brought Christopher tools, table, tool case and a belt for his some of his tools. Even receiving his Mammy first DVD, which is his favorite, we seem to see this DVD at least once a day or night. I sure hope there will be more DVD’s coming out in the future or possible you can try and make a few from the ones which come on the Disney station, which we watch all week in the mornings. He really has learned much from the showings.

  96. My 9 month old son LOVES Handy Manny… This show has taken over Seseame Street as his favorite show. He claps and dances when he hears the songs. I was thinking about making Handy Manny the theme for his first BDay Party in June. However, I can not find anything for Handy Manny. Hopefully by June they will have some. We LOVE Handy Manny!

  97. I am looking for Handy Mandy supplies for my son’s second birthday party. My son has severe food allergies, to the point the he most likely will not be able to have a cake at his party I would like to have other things at the party to celebrate his day. Is there hope soon. PLEASE Disney help a single mom give her son something I can give him a great party with Handy.

  98. My 2 years old Grandson just loves Handy Manny and the tools including myself and his 7 years old sister. He loves the tools and Mr. Lopart and Fluffy. I record all the episodes for him and also bought a tool box and all the cute tools from the Disney Store in LA. WE LOVE MANNY and TOOLS!!!! and every character.

  99. i am looking for a handy manny theme for my sons 2nd birthday also… he loves the show and nothing is available for decorations! and i wanted to get him a little tikes work bench which would go great with the theme… please distribute party decor

  100. I love this show, i have a 22 month old baby girl and she will not watch anything else (I’ve tried)I even find the show show funny myself. I hope it doesn’t go off the air anytime soon.. If anybody knows where to get some good Hanny Manny stuff let me know..

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