Disney Princesses being pushed out by Tinker Bell and her fairy friends

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yPulse picks up on a store in the Tennessean about Disney’s new push for Tinkerbell and her Fairy friends.

All the cool girls are wearing Tinker Bell on their
backs at school this year, at least if market researchers at The Walt
Disney Co. got it right.

Disney is putting
Tinker Bell, who is starring in her own feature film in 2007, front and
center on fashion-forward denim jackets, backpacks, sweat shirts and
nightgowns. She’s getting prime real estate in Disney stores, at the
expense of some other Disney characters.

So did Disney’s marketer’s get it right? Will little girls everywhere give up their dreams of being a princess and replace it with fairy circles and pixie dust?

As for little boys, one word: Pirates.

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