Disney animation ranks higher than Pixar’s

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MovieSay, the movie buzz blog, looks at the movie buzz rankings of some of Disney and Pixar’s most famous animated features.

Disney holds number two spot with The Lion King, while yet another one of the company’s celebrated early 1990’s animated features, Aladdin,
makes an appearance as the 13th most talked about movie on the Internet
at the moment. Curiously, both of these hand-animated films beat any
computer animated movie, with Pixar’s
Finding Nemo (also released through Disney) finding itself just below Aladdin at number 14.

Interesting idea. Let’s head on over to Google Trends and see what they say there. Google has the buzz for The Lion King and Finding Nemo at just about the same level right now. A look at Disney vs Pixar is even more revealing. On the otherhand, looking at the next releases for the studios Ratatouille vs Meet The Robinsons, the Pixar film leads by a mile.

Btw, Pirates of the Caribbean: World’s End is currently ranked as the most anticipated film. Not that anyone is surprised by that.

Trailer for Meet the Robinsons
Trailer for Ratatouille

1 thought on “Disney animation ranks higher than Pixar’s”

  1. Google Trends is, indeed, another good way to see what the world is buzzing about. If you compare Finding Nemo, Aladdin and The Lion King there, Aladdin surfaces as the winner, with Finding Nemo and The Lion King neck to neck.

    Of course, this only reflects the amount of searches made, while Movie Say rather attempts to rank movies according to the discussion. That said, I don’t say I wouldn’t mind utilizing search data as well. ;) Unfortunately, there appears to be no straightforward way of doing so at the moment.

    However, ‘Aladdin’ as a search term is obviously not solely a Disney term, whereas ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Finding Nemo’ are more specifically targetted at the movies. Which probably explains the difference.

    This is also why, I suspect, Ratatouille beats Meet the Robinsons hands down. The word “ratatouille”, after all, refers to a French food (if I’m not mistaken), and hence it is not surprising to see more searches of that. If you search with [pixar ratatouille, meet the robinsons], the two films are much closer together in the trends.

    In any case, thanks for mentioning Movie Say. You are officially the first blog not maintained by me to do so. :) (I only opened the doors last week.)

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