Character Dining with Captain Jack Sparrow

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There’s an interesting rumor going around that got its start as part of a survey Disney sent out to previous guests. Apparently they’re considering a Captain Jack Sparrow character meal.

"Board a pirate vessel from a resort and sail to Pirate’s Cove, where
Captain Jack Sparrow and his band of bandits have cooked up a beach
barbecue. Salty songs, tall tales, delicious food, and a hunt for the
fabulous Tortuga Treasure spice up this fun-filled evening under the
stars. Guests are given a clue-filled treasure map, and friendly
competition is held to find the priceless prize."

Pirate’s Cove would likely be the old Discovery Island area near Wilderness Lodge. Prices are uncertain, but possibly looking at an
adult price of $49 and a kid’s price somewhat lower. They already have a separate children’s Pirate Event, but I am pretty sure this would be something new entirely.

On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most, how interested in a dinner like this are you?

9 thoughts on “Character Dining with Captain Jack Sparrow”

  1. Tortuga Treasure Hunter

    This would be a great way to not only capitalize on the franchise Pirates has become, but also a great treat for the entire family…on a scale of 1 to 10, I give it as many tentacles as Davey Jones has on his face….arghhhhhh

  2. Considering I wasn’t too interested in a western song and dance show, but absolutely loved Hoop-De-Doo once I saw it – I say 10 out of 10. For me, it’s not the content of the event, but how it’s executed. I can imagine arriving/leaving dock with burning torches marking the way!

  3. How interested? Heck, I’ll make reservations for this the day I hear about it becoming available. Pirate shows are entertaining, even the pirate dinner show in Orlando is fun (if you know to expect cheese) and to have a pirate dinner done by Disney?

    You bet. I’d rate it as all fifteen men on the dead man’s chest.

  4. This reminds me of the orginal Pirates of the Caribbean Opening ceremonies.

    If your transport vessal was attacked by other pirates…ya, I’d do this. It has terrific potential.

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