Visiting Disney World during Ernesto

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Brandon sends us this trip report from his visit to Walt Disney World on the very days Ernesto was passing over the area. Brandon’s from the pacific northwest, so rain isn’t a big deal to him, even lots of it. But tropical storm Ernesto gave him pause… not enough to keep him from having fun, however.

Given all the falling water and the thunder, the Dumbo ride turned into the world’s greatest thrill ride, especially when I set the controls for the highest height possible. What could go wrong? Plenty but at least it would have made a great headline in the next day’s edition of The Orlando Sentienel. "Stupid Oregon Tourist Dies in the Magic Kindgom." Byline: "Struck by lightening while riding on the back of a mechanical elephant."

I’ve been at Disneyland on a severe rainy day when security told me that cast members out numbered guests 10 to 1. It’s amazing how many rides you can go on in that last hour.

Btw, Hurricane Florence is sitting out in the Atlantic right now. But it looks to be taking a right turn before reaching us in Florida. I’ll keep an eye on it, but no one is expecting it to ruin any Disney World vacation plans right now.