Another Tale of Tugger

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Cartoon Brew makes a good point about one aspect of the Tugger saga that the news isn’t covering.

The Christian aspect of the story comes out in the
article’s comments section as well as in this post
from the blog of SENTINEL film critic Roger Moore. I find it odd that
the SENTINEL decided not to discuss the obvious religious aspect of the
scam, especially because it’s so obvious. Even the name of Varab’s
studio—Genesis Orlando—makes it evident that his whole idea was to find
Christian financial backers.

Why am I reminded of Veggie Tales. That studio started out with shorts, then featurettes, but when it tried to grow to full scale features, it just couldn’t handle the change. There’s a great recounting of this online somewhere… oh, looks like someone took it down. But through magic of the Internet Archive Wayback machine… here it is. All animation studio management types should be made to read this now.

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