The power of Cheetah Girls

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Move over High School Musical, the Cheetal Girls are back. In fact, the movie’s premier on Friday night drew more watchers than any other show on television that day. It even edged past the biggest day for High School Musical.

Titanium posts about a Cheetah Girl party she held for some of the movie’s target audience, pre-tweens.

From 7pm until 9pm, we heard lots of squealing, giggling, singing, more giggling, and whispering. 
The girls have now seen the movie a few times, have memorized several
of the songs, and have decided that they must become the next Cheetah

The Cheetah Girls 2 reunites Raven Simone, Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, and Sabrina Bryan as they reprise their roles from the first movie, this time for a trip through Spain. The Cheetah Girls 2 soundtrack has been out since August 15th and is already ranked #21 on Amazon. The movie was directed by Kenny Ortega who previously made the Mouse House a ton of money with High School Musical and is currently working on HSM2.

16 thoughts on “The power of Cheetah Girls”

  1. I wanted to take my grand-daughter to see the Cheetah Girls in concert for her birthday. But after seeing the price of their tickets, she’ll be getting their cd instead. Why are their tickets so expensive??? $170 was the price for the cheap seats! Thats crazy!!!

  2. i thought your movie was the best i ever seen from u guys i also went to youe concert 20th row it was awesome u guys rock sooo… KEEP ROCKING!!!

  3. i thought your movie was the best i ever seen from u guys i also went to youe concert 20th row it was awesome u guys rock sooo… KEEP ROCKING!!!

  4. I took my daughter to see the cheetah girls this evening. Adrienne and Sabrina gave it 110%. However, Kiely Williams seem liked she didn’t want to be there. She had no energy during the performance and all but ran off the stage at the end of the show. I hope the person who represents the cheetah girls takes a look at the video of the performace to see how terrible she was. All the kids commented after on how sad she looks and all the parents complained about her attitude on stage. Thanks again to Adrienne and Sabrina for their performance but I wish i could be reimbursed for 1/3 of the price!!!!!

  5. You guys are the best you rock so keep on rockin. Are you guys preforming in Rock Springs sometime soon? Hope you are.

  6. hey cheetah’s i just want u 2 know that iam a huge fan OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! i love your cheetah girl 2 its so spanish and hey iam puerto rican 2 so its nice talking 2 u see ya!!!!!!!!!

  7. Not only are the ticket prices outrageous, you don’t get to see all of the Cheetah girls. How deceiving – Raven is in all the pictures, ads, etc. but never performs. I can’t believe people go to see this group. Disney should be ashamed of themselves. If Raven is a Cheetah Girl, then she needs to perform with the Cheetah Girls. We will not be going to any more Cheetah Girl concerts. They Cheat Ya!

  8. So I’m going to WDW for the first time. I’m traveling with my 3 month old because my 5 year old & husband are on another airline. I connect in Houston & realize that the Cheetah Girls are waiting to get on the same flight as I am. Keily is quietly reading a book, Adrienne is laying down in two seats and the other one is texting away while popping her gum and spread out in the seat. Very discretely, I ask the woman traveling with them if I can get their autograph for my 5 year old daughter. I got shot down!!!! Couldn’t believe it. It’s really sad that these girls are so famous and busy now that they couldn’t even take the time to sign a simple autograph. I didn’t alert anyone around me or anything. Thanks alot Cheetah Girls. I’ll be sure to tell every mom I know about my awful experience. Don’t let the fame go to your head…remember who you are and how you idolized people too when you were little girls. Really sad….

  9. i am wondering how long the concert lasts. I want to take my grade school aged daughter, but don’t want er out too late.

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