Ernesto Update

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A quick update before I trundle off to dreamland. Hannah wanted to know "if Disney World is in good shape from the Hurricane. Is it good to go?"

Considering that Ernesto won’t reach Orlando until 2pm or so tomorrow, no one knows. But we do know that it’s not a hurricane, in fact, it’s a weak tropical storm. So chances are everything will be okay. That’s not to say we should take the storm lightly, there’s still a good chance of severe weather including tornados.

If anything happens, it might mean a few early closures at the water parks and possibly Disney’s Animal Kingdom which has a lot of foilage that can get blown around. I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground and will post what I find out.

Another good place to check is the Orlando Sentinel’s Hurricane Blog which noted that Busch parks have cancelled their Orlando to Tampa shuttles tomorrow. The news just reported that the local busses will run until there are sustained winds of 35 mph, but that some airlines have already cancelled flights. So call ahead if you’re leaving or arriving in Orlando tomorrow.